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Shadowhunters-TV Show

Canon3 006I was so upset when i found out that the movie didn’t make enough money to make a next but i’m so happy to hear about the TV show! I’m not sure about Kat McNamara as Clary because only lily can be her in my mind but i love Dom Sherwood as Jace. I saw him in Taylor sifts music video and Vampire academy and i loved him!! In a way i thought Jamie wasn’t manly enough to be Jace although he did have a good strong ego which is DEFINITELY needed for Jace, so im really excited to see a different actors take on his character.

Also, who’s excited for Cassie Clare’s new series “The dark artifacts”!!!


Pretty Little Liars- Who Is Charles?


A lot of fans have been trying to figure out exactly how Charles and Bethany are connected, and if they are even connected at all. One Seventeen reader, Reginald Lambert, presented this theory:”Charles and Bethany are the same person. Charles was sent to Radley for wanting to be a woman. That’s why Ali’s mom always visited her, that’s why she told Ali not to tell her dad about the second yellow dress. Bethany hated Ali because she had the life she always wanted that’s why she’s pissed.”

“Marlene said she wanted fans to be able to piece things together. Yes, the blocks spelt out ‘Charles’ and Mona’s anagram in her book was ‘Charles Dilaurentis’ but also ‘Nerd Lucas is the Liar’. Lucas is Charles. Just a brother to Alison and Jason. Growing up Lucas/Charles either wanted to be like Alison or wanted to be a girl… which would explain 1. Mrs. D buying the two dresses (possibly) 2. His obsession with dolls/dollhouse 3. Why Alison hated Lucas so much, and him her. 4. Why Alison always called Lucas ‘hermy’ and ‘Hermaphrodite’ 5. Why he is making the girls act out prom, remember back at homecoming? He only went to photograph the event. Lucas is Charles, was shunned by the DiLaurentis family, and was who Mrs. D could no longer protect.”

This just got a whole load more confusing! i still think its Wren though because the figure in the doll house was tall and just looked like him to me.


A Midsummer’s Nightmare- Kody Keplinger

a midsummers nightmareThis book was a lot like “Have a little faith” by Candy Harper. I found it gripping but a lot of it was too far fetched yet normal/ clique at the same time. I didn’t like the main character Whitley until the end when her and Nathan found out why they both did what they did to get away from their families.

I felt the book was too short and i think Keplinger could have made the two main characters engage more rather than going from hate to love so quickly. With that said i did still enjoy the book, just not as much as others like “Lux” or “Have a little faith”.

Overall i think it would be a good read for someone looking for a predictable love story but it wouldn’t make my top 10 books.

The Lux Series- Jenifer Armentrout

-04Ive just finished this 5 book series and loved it so much! Mainly because the main character Katy isn’t like the far fetched, lady like pretty girls who are usually written about. She is a normal girl so to speak- curvy, not particularly pretty and spends her time reading. This was the main reason i connected with the book, i could relate to the main character a lot. ┬áThen there is the boy next door- Daemon Black. He is definitely up in the ranks with Jace Herondale in my opinion. Yes he is yet another drop dead hot guy, but as you keep reading you uncover more about him and he starts to drop his tough guy act, mainly because he’s falling in love with Katy. To top it off, there are plot twists all the time which i never saw coming. Sometimes i don’t enjoy books because i know whats going to happen but this wasn’t one of them. I love the author so much because she’s also written a series called the covenant which once again was amazing! I don’t know how she does it but her books put images in my head- almost like a movie. she is a truly gifted writer and i would recommend ALL her books to anyone wanting something a bit different:)

The Vampire Academy

This has to be one of the best series I’ve read so far! It is a 5 book series and is to die for. I watched the movie and thought it was amazing but i didn’t like Danila Koslovsky as Dimitri. Of course i loved Dom Sherwoord and i can’t wait for his new series with Kat macnamara, shadow hunters- based on the mortal instruments to come out in 2016 on ABC family! I loved the main character Rose because the more you read, the more you uncover what lies under her harsh exterior. Also, her mentor Dimitri is yet another fictional guy you can add to your wish list.

The Mortal Instruments

angLast year i read all of Cassandra Clare’s “the mortal instruments” books. I saw the film first which made me want to read them but it took me only a month to get through these amazing books. Jace and Clary (the two main characters) are written so well and it has everything included in the book like romance, fantasy, villainy and plot twists which you don’t see coming- couldn’t recommend them any more!:)

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